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 Equine Gestalt Workshops

No previous Horse experience required for several of the workshops listed below.


Virtual Women Groups

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To be announced soon!

To be announced 2024

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Corporation & Business   

Equine Facilitator WORKSHOPS


No previous horse experience is required. More information coming soon!

Off the Couch Cowgirl

Virtual Workshop

Off the couch Cowgirl is a virtual workshop for women. You leg up your horse, but what about keeping yourself legged up for horse shows, trail riding, hiking... In the winter people tend to slack. I help women get off the couch and find fun things they like to do, so that they stay in shape and will be ready for the Spring Show season or trail riding season. If you don’t ride horses or own a horse you are still welcome to join this fun group of women. And you will be ready to take that hike you always dreamed of.

Confident Equestrians and Cowgirls

Day Workshop

Confident Equestrian  With confidence coaching women will learn to control their minds and anxieties help people find a deeper connection and understanding with their horse. My customers will learn what is holding them back from competing, trail riding….

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No horse experience necessary for this, Off the Couch Cowgirl Workshop

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Charlene M.

Heredia, Costa Rica

July 20

"My experience with Jane was   transformative. I will never forget the clarity that came to me through this Gestalt work. Jane led me through a process with a horse to unveil my fear of arthritis and find meaning, direction, and actions in my path ahead. The actions of the horse with me were magical. And in the end restored my peace and balance. Jane, I look forward to working with you again.

Michelle D


Oct. 2023

"It has been a transforming  experience working with Jane. She is open, clear and confident in her coaching, and her fun side is close by when she requires. Working with Jane really illuminated for me something that I was completely unaware of and this knowledge will be really helpful for me in all my relationships."

Natacha S.


Oct. 2023

"I loved my sessions with Jane! Jane has beautiful, compassionate energy, and I felt heard and supported as we explored some deep rooted issues and trauma. I gained enormous insight and clarity, I left the session feeling whole and complete. Thank you Jane for a wonderful time of exploration and self-awareness"


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