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Horses bring Peace to a crazy World J.A.

Certified Equine Gestalt Coach. Specializing in Sports Performance and Sports anxieties.  I help people to find confidence and to set goals and achieve them. 
I am also a Certified Masterson Method and Tallgrass Acupressure Equine Bodywork Practitioner.

Jane and her Equine partners specialize in helping women find Joy, confidence and Harmony.


As a Certified Touched By a Horse Equine Gestalt Coach Jane helps women overcome fears and anxieties and rediscover their dreams and confidence. As women we get so busy helping everyone else that we don’t take the time to do the things that we really enjoy doing in life. Or we decide that we shouldn’t do the things we love, because we might get hurt. Does this sound familiar to you? Then keep reading.


Jane has spent years helping her customers overcome their fears so that they could show their horses at a very competitive level on the AQHA Show circuit. 


Jane became Certified as an Equine Gestalt Coach Method (EGCM) and an Equine Facilitator  She is combining that knowledge with the knowledge she has gained from years of training horses and coaching people. So that she can help people find confidence, joy, harmony, and peace. 

During EGCM coaching sessions Jane's Equine partners help her with the coaching Sessions. Horses teach us to be in the moment they are natural Gestaltists. You do not need to have horse experience. You will not be riding the horse, when you come for an Equine Gestalt coaching session.

But you will never forget what a 1200 pound horse teaches you.


I have a horse farm outside of Neshkoro WI. I will be giving several workshops and clinics in 2024. My horses and I help people when they feel too much chaos, anxiety, and fear in their lives. Or they just feel stuck, and they are having a hard time making a decision. Horses help us to feel grounded and connected.  I help people find peace and harmony.

    I also help people find a deeper connection to their horses and to themselves. I help people to understand why they aren’t getting along with their horse. Is the horse sore, is it the horse’s temperament, personality, … I help people have a deeper connection and understanding of their horse. Reach out for a consulting or coaching session.


I became interested in Melisa Pearce and the Touched By A Horse program that Melisa created. And I became certified as a Gestalt Coach. This program is life changing. And with the knowledge I’ve gained from this program and all my life’s experiences, I help people to overcome their fears and anxieties so they can reach their goals and find their Joy and Confidence.

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