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Horses bring Peace to a crazy World J.A.

Jane is a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach. Specializing in Sports Performance and Sports anxieties. She helps her customers to find confidence and mental focus. So that they can set goals and achieve them. 

As a Equine Gestalt Coach Jane and her Equine partners  help women find  Confidence, Joy, Harmony and Balance. 

Jane is also a Certified Masterson Method and Tallgrass Acupressure Equine Bodywork Practitioner. As a Equine Performance Bodywork Practitioner Jane helps horses move and perform better.


Jane has spent years helping her customers overcome their fears and anxieties so that they could show their horses at a very competitive level on the AQHA Show circuit. As a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach (EGCM) and an Equine Facilitator and with the knowledge she has gained from years of training horses and coaching people. She helps people overcome their fears and anxieties and find confidence, joy, & harmony. She helps people to achieve their goals and find their vision. Jane's dedication and expertise in equine coaching have empowered countless individuals to conquer their fears and anxieties, enabling them to excel in competitive show circuits like the AQHA. With her certification in Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCM) and Equine Facilitator, certification she merges her passion for training horses with her coaching skills to guide people towards finding confidence, joy, and harmony. By drawing on years of experience as a horse trainer, riding instructor and personal coaching, Jane helps individuals overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and discover their true vision.    I have a horse farm outside of Neshkoro WI. I will be giving several workshops and clinics in 2024. My horses and I help people when they feel too much chaos, anxiety, and fear in their lives. Or they just feel stuck, and they are having a hard time making a decision. Horses help us to feel grounded and connected.  I help people find peace and harmony. Jane's Equine partners help her with the coaching EGCM Coaching Sessions. Horses teach us to be in the moment they are natural Gestaltist. You do not need to have horse experience. You will not be riding the horse, when you come for an Equine Gestalt coaching session But you will never forget what a 1200 pound horse teaches you.   ​      Are you looking to establish a more profound connection with your horse and understand the root of any discord you might be experiencing? My services are designed to assist individuals in fostering a stronger bond with their horses by aiding in the identification of underlying issues, whether they are related to pain, temperament, or other factors. By deepening the understanding and connection between people and their horses, I aim to create a harmonious relationship that benefits both. Feel free to reach out for consulting or coaching sessions  and if you're interested in enhancing your relationship with your horse and ensuring both you and your equine companion are happy and understood. ​ I also recommend  Equine Bodywork to keep your horse  happy.

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